Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Tail Spinner For Bass

This is another one of my whims.  I like its looks, but fishing it will reveal its ultimate worth.

Unsure if it will move with its hook point downward on steady retrieve.  Field testing will tell. 

  • Northland Lofty Chenille - honey color pattern
  • Coats & Clark Trilobal Polyester Thread 40-wt. - olive
  • Pearl and red (faceted) beads
  • Cousin Cord Basics 7-Strand 0.3mm Beading Wire - silver
  • Barrel swivel, split ring, and clevis - silver
  • Hammered #1 Colorado and willow leaf blades - silver
  • Stick-on eyes - black/white/red
  • Eagle Claw 249WA-3/0 Weedless Hook
  • E6000 Craft Adhesive
  • Bullet Weights Rubber Grip Sinker - 1/8 ounce

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Twin Spin On A Whim

Development mode shifted into high gear today after what has been the coldest and snowiest winter I've had to endure in some time.  Sat down at the bench and decided not to paint any jig heads.  Rather, I wanted to design and tie a spinnerbait, namely a twin spin.

  • Eagle Claw  249WA-3/0 Weedless Hook
  • Yellow craft fur from bolt
  • Herrschners Bulky Chenille #5 - purple
  • Feathercraft 7/32" Painted Lead Dumbbell Eyes - yellow/black
  • Michaels Bright Wonder Beads - fuschia/violet
  • Two hammered #1 Colorado blades - gold
  • Cousins Basics Coated Beading Wire 0.3mm, 7 strand - silver
  • Barrel swivels and split rings (2 of each)
  • Bullet Weights 1/8-oz. Rubber Grip Sinker
  • Coats & Clark Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread 40-wt. - electric violet
  • Danville Flymaster Plus Thread (140 denier) - fluorescent yellow
The spinnerbait's arms will bend back when the lure is retrieved.  The entire blade assembly spins beyond the hook bend.  Hopefully, this lure and similar future ties will cast and retrieve well with very light bait casting tackle.  This one is fine for light spinning as is.