Friday, February 12, 2010

Bass Kreatures

Tied a few bass kreatures recently while experimenting with different combinations of hair and chenille.  Silicone skirt tabs are new to my style of tying, as are football head jigs.

A fun way to spend cold winter evenings.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Tied a couple of jigs with natural wool.  The blue backs are formed with streamer hair, which is Icelandic sheep wool.  The white bellies are tied with lamb's wool.  To me, this is a good-looking material combination.  I hope that the fish like it too.

  • One-sixteenth ounce ball head jigs with #4 VMC rounded-bend hooks.
  • UTC Ultra Thread (white) - 140 denier.
  • Saltwater blue streamer hair.
  • White lamb's wool.
  • Copenhagen blue acrylic paint.
  • Black and white acrylic paint for jig eyes.
  • Two-part epoxy for clearcoat.
  • Krystal Flash - light blue/pearl.
A note on wool.  It absorbs water, which makes the wet material weight a concern to fly fishermen.  Not so for jig fishermen.  The heavier, the better for casting purposes.