Monday, August 1, 2016

An Alternate Use Of A Hair Stacker For Jig Tying

Hair stackers are used to even the tips of hair cut from hides or swatches.  That is their traditional use.  I'd like to explain how it can be used to align more than hair.  It works well for cuts of icicles (Christmas tinsel) too.

Simply load your icicles into the end of the fluted tube that's been inserted into the stacker.  Tap the base of the stacker on top of a tabletop or similar platform, then let it rest.  Pinch the protruding icicles between your fingers and make a horizontal cut, much like a Barber would do with your hair, to reduce its length.  If you've made your cut along the top of the shortest icicle, then you are ready to take your pinch and tie the icicles onto your jig.  Otherwise, give your pinch a little shake to remove shorter pieces.  This, by the way, is a great way to use suitable scraps of icicle cuts that would normally be discarded.

An example of a spider jig made from icicles appears to the left of the scissors in the photo.