Thursday, January 26, 2017


Tied with kip tail, pinkies are a favored style of jig for my mid-winter to early spring fishing.  I've caught trout, bluegill, crappie, and both largemouth and smallmouth bass with them.

Each is tied on a 1/32-ounce darter-head jig possessing a #6-8 Aberdeen hook.  Used a 70 denier (or slightly smaller) polyester thread to keep the bulk down on the jig collars.

I like to tip these jigs with curly-tailed grubs of about 1 inch in length and fish them beneath a float.  It's a bit like still fishing, but during winter it allows you to take in your surroundings and enjoy nature's wonders.  Do dress appropriately to stay warm!

The image below shows a couple of commercially-tied pinkie jigs with grub trailers attached.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Filling A Jig Box...Gradually

Tied the three of these this weekend.  Two of the jigs are tied with a material called 'Fish Silk' which is sold by FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  The other jig is a tri-color combination of calf hair (kip tail).

All are tied on 1/16-oz darter-head jigs with #4 hooks.  The blue-heads with hot yellow fish silk may have good possibilities for crappie fishing.  All should be fished for smallmouth bass at some point this winter.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

More With Kip Tails

Tied these hair-bodied jigs for float-n-fly fishing.  The hair is stiff and won't move around as much as craft fur does in water.  These might make for interesting minnow imitations to try when the water is extremely cold, or anytime for that matter.  I've fished small kip-tailed jigs before, but they've always been tipped with a tiny soft plastic trailer.

  • Kip (calf) tails - natural black and bleached white
  • 1/16-oz. Arkie Darter-Head Jigs - unpainted
  • Rosey's Powder Coating - silver sand metallic
  • Tulip 'Slick' Fabric Paint - black, fluorescent pink, and glow
  • Hedron Flashabou - pink glow
  • UTC Ultra Thread (70 denier) - gray brown

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Working With Kip Tails

I received a package of jigs for Christmas that inspired me to work with materials I hadn't used before.  They include ice chenille yarn, metallic needlepoint yarn, and kip tails (calf tails).  The jigs are made by Arkie Lures and are called Shineee Hineee jigs.  These combine modern chenille materials with kip and flashabou.  Kip has long been used for small flies and sunfish jigs by many tyers.  Its fibers are short and stiff.

Used Hedron Flashabou, which is a very limp material, for flash and movement in the water.  I'm looking forward to fishing these for bass (float-n-fly) this winter.