Friday, August 20, 2010

Silver Flake Hair Jigs and Sugar?

I'd been a little disappointed with glitter not showing up very well in my photos. So, I went ahead and purchased some large silver glitter (Sulyn Industries) and created some silver flake jig heads. Each hair jig is a 1/8-oz. ball head with a #2 hook.

Well, I'm not overly excited about the result. But, while I coated the heads with my epoxy and glitter mix, I was reminded of a "Sugarhead" jig. This was a crappie-sized marabou feather jig that I purchased many years ago. It had a head coating that looked like granulated sugar. I plan to design a similar jig with glitter flakes sometime in the future. :)

Ever hear of, own, or use a "Sugarhead"? I tried a keyword web search for this jig and turned up zero hits. :(

Friday, August 6, 2010

Schlappen Ties for Bass

I really like this feather.  It really looks "buggy".  Provides a nice profile when combined with hackle or other feather tails.  Tied on 1/8-oz. football heads with #1 hooks.