Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Color Purple

Tied a couple of purple jigs for largemouth bass.  I can't go fishing for them without purple lures in my tackle box.

Used LashMax yarn in place of hackle.  The bottom-right jig is a "bivisible" tied half-n-half purple and black.  Looking for a potential "slow fall" from that one.

Jigs are 1/8-oz. ball heads with # 2 hooks.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yarn-Skirted Spinnerbaits

Put these together together today.  My first spinnerbaits.  Hope to fish these for smallmouth bass this spring.

  • LashMax Yarn - Caffeine
  • Coats Trilobal Polyester Thread 40-wt. - Chona Brown
  • Harbor Freight Powder Paints - red, black, & yellow
  • Custom unfinished spinnerbaits
  • Eyes made from hot glue, black acrylic paint, and tin foil
  • Loctite Super Glue Gel to attach eyes
  • Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy for topcoat
  • Laker Ball Bearing Snap Swivels
  • Hammered silver Colorado blades
The unfinished spinnerbaits weighed 1/8 and 3/16 of an ounce.  Each has a 1/0 hook.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Olive Naturals For Bass

Tied these bugger-styled jigs for bass.  I hope that the saddle hackles will slow their fall when cast and counting down.  Used marabou plume as the tail material because of its undulating action.

  • Wapsi Strung Rooster Saddles - olive/natural
  • Orvis Marabou - olive
  • Danville FW 210 +Plus+ Thread - olive
  • A 1/8-oz. ball head jig with a #2 bronze hook
  • Harbor Freight Powder Paint (2:1 yellow/matte black mix) - olive

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Red Raider

Last night, I tied this red and black creature with a "Fish Head Jig" that was produced by a very fine jig maker hailing from Louisiana.  The jig's name, "Red Raider", came about while thinking up the jig's color scheme and about West Texas, Lubbock, and  Texas Tech University, specifically.  Why not?  Makes sense, right? ;)

  • A 3/16-ounce "Fish Head" jig fitted with a 2/0 black nickel sickle hook
  • Boot lace
  • Darice Craft Fur - red and black
  • Caron Glimmer Yarn - black
  • LashMax Yarn - Black Star
  • Gudebrod 6/0 Fly Tying Thread - black, 125 denier
  • Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy
  • Orbit Powder Paint - clear
  • Harbor Freight Powder Paint - matte black and red
  • Eyes are homemade from black acrylic paint, tin foil, and hot glue
And, in case you might be thinking so, Bobby Knight had nothing to do with this. :) ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Two-Toning With Chartreuse

Received some new-to-me powder paints over the weekend.  So, I went to work.  Here are a couple of 1/8-ounce ball heads with number #2 hooks.

The top jig's color is black over green chartreuse and the bottom jig is black over yellow chartreuse.  Used green chartreuse "troll hair" and yellow chartreuse Targus Foxxfur for belly fur.  Black-colored Darice Craft Fur comprises the dorsal area.

Painted the jig head base coats with Pro-Tec Powder Paint in green chartreuse and yellow chartreuse colors.  Tapped some Harbor Freight black powder onto the heads in order to create a black dorsal appearance.  Finally, I dipped the jig heads into Triple Thick Gloss Glaze to provide a clear protective coat over the acrylic eyes.