Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saddle-Tailed, Silicone-Skirted Jig

  •  Sportsman's Warehouse Wapsi Strung Rooster Saddle Long CSW141 - sculpin olive/white
  •  FlyMasters Wapsi Sili Legs SF320 - olive/black flake
  •  Hareline-Dubbin, Inc. Crazy Legs CL297 - Pumpkin/olive black flake
  •  Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid 009 - emerald
  •  Lion Brand Suede Yarn (discontinued) - olive
  •  Coats Trilobal Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread 444 40-wt. - olive
  •  Eagle Claw 1/8-Oz. Ball Head Jig JB0018U
  •  Experimental Powder Paint Mixture (Rosey's and Harbor Freight) - safety blue/red/yellow 1:1:1 ratio

Friday, July 10, 2015

More Chenille-Bodied Tube Style Baits

Added a couple of olive-colored tubes to my box recently.  Used Lion Brand Suede Yarn (olive) and Wapsi Sili Legs (olive/black flake) to form the bodies and tentacles.  Dotted the bodies with black Tulip Puffy Paint.

If the rain would ever end for a while, perhaps I'll field test them in the local river.