Sunday, December 10, 2017

Recent Ties In Between The Holidays

Here are some 1/8-ounce jigs I've tied recently for winter finesse fishing. Their trailers are made of suede leather with a 'chunk' portion consisting of sandwiched craft foam. I'm hoping to fish these soon as I've been successful with similar baits for cold weather largemouth bass.

The top jig is tied with craft fur. The other two are tied with kid goat hair, which I've never used before, and red flashabou. Kid goat hair is somewhat slick, but it's relatively soft and manageable. The combination of black and red colors (black neon) are popular in my area.

These are hair jigs tied with hair from deer hide (not cut from bucktail). Used a hair stacker for my first time to even the hairs prior to tying these. Their suede leather trailers will darken when wet and feature orange and brown foam chunks as well. I may add a touch of orange-colored glitter or fabric paint to their tips at a later time.

These are bucktails, with their hair cut from the base of the tail.

 More jigs tied with the hair from deer hide. I'm a fan of olive and red flake color.

This one's going to get a workout this spring. Its tail is very buoyant. I'll use a slip sinker or bull shot ahead of its eye to fish it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Another Finesse Worm

This one has a nice shimmy in hand and it rattles.  Length is approximately four inches.  Its hook is a bronze, 1/0 sproat.

Floating Finesse Worms

Will be back to tying jigs soon.

In the meantime, here are three finesse-style worms tied for river smallmouth bass fishing.  Again, their major components are chenille yarn, latigo lace, craft fur, and pony beads.  Remember well that pony beads float in water.  A fishing suggestion appears on the right side of my vise platform.

Bring some toothpicks along for pegs when fishing these as they can make a bullet weight adjustable in its position along the line.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pony Bead Flukes

Tied the lures below on latigo lace with craft fur tail material, a fluffy chenille yarn, and pony beads.  Pony beads come in a variety of colors and can be combined to produce interesting patterns.  These are designed to sink very slowly as their lace absorbs water.  Their sink rate may be increased by adding suspend dots or small wraps of lead ribbing.  Hooks are bronze 1/0 sproats.  The red tying thread is a 210 denier.

I plan to fish them in clearer waters with either a 9/10-wt. fly or a medium light spinning outfit next spring.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Super Salamander

Comprised primarily of pony beads and Latigo Lace, this 'super salamander' approaches 12 inches in length.  Bulky chenille yarn and googly eyes surround the long lace tail tied onto the 4/0 hook's shank.

I would like to fish this in a farm or retention pond containing trophy-sized largemouth bass and a limited food supply.  However, I'll more than likely cast it about my local reservoir sometime soon.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Recent Works

Now tying worms and flukes with beads and leather.  The beads float, providing an interesting characteristic for designing floating or neutral buoyancy subsurface lures.