Friday, September 21, 2018

Griffin Enterprises

Just wanted to give a shout out to Griffin Enterprises of Kalispell, MT.  I like companies that stand by their products.  Griffin is definitely one of them.

I use a 14-year old Griffin Superior 3ARP vise regularly.  More than my other two vises.  It's very dependable.  But like anything else, it wears with lots of use.  Man, have I used it.  It's without a doubt the most versatile and useful vise that I own.

Recently, I cracked a small adjustment knob/screw on the vise jaws.  I then contacted Griffin about it and now have a replacement for it just three days later.  I wasn't charged for the part or its shipping.  They've sent me o-ring replacements for my vise jaw assembly in the past too, free of charge.

Customer service lives.  Griffin is a great company.

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