Monday, January 26, 2015

Pepper Heads & A "Flying V" Trailer

Painted and tied several "pepper"-headed jigs last weekend.  Fine black glitter mixed with a clear powder coat works well for a "black spot" effect.  Fish likely won't care, but I think that it looks interesting.  It's simple and fun to do.  All jigs weigh 1/8 of an ounce and have #2 bronze hooks.

Next up is my "Flying V" jig trailer.  It's simply a "V" cut from a piece of supple brown leather and trimmed to form a tongue that overlaps the hook point.  Two projecting appendages provide action behind the hair of the jig.  Photos follow that should show you what I mean. :)

Used craft foam to supply the trailer a little 'lift' when wet.  Originally, I thought about gluing the two pieces together and then onto the leather.  However, the idea of using needle and thread seemed appealing to me since I would be gluing with Fabri-Tac which requires thorough room ventilation.  I did not want to leave the windows open, so this is my result.  Black upholstery thread works well if you are careful with your knots.  You might notice that I pinched a corner of foam off as I cinched down on my knot. :(  All in all, I don't believe that this trailer turned out badly for my first try.  Though, the fish will let me know one way or another... ;)