Thursday, January 12, 2017

More With Kip Tails

Tied these hair-bodied jigs for float-n-fly fishing.  The hair is stiff and won't move around as much as craft fur does in water.  These might make for interesting minnow imitations to try when the water is extremely cold, or anytime for that matter.  I've fished small kip-tailed jigs before, but they've always been tipped with a tiny soft plastic trailer.

  • Kip (calf) tails - natural black and bleached white
  • 1/16-oz. Arkie Darter-Head Jigs - unpainted
  • Rosey's Powder Coating - silver sand metallic
  • Tulip 'Slick' Fabric Paint - black, fluorescent pink, and glow
  • Hedron Flashabou - pink glow
  • UTC Ultra Thread (70 denier) - gray brown

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